Mike Saltzstein Talks About When Injured Workers Should Consult a Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Worker’s compensation is a type of insurance coverage taken by employers to pay certain benefits to workers who get injured, are disabled, or die as a consequence of their injury related to the workplace. In general, the compensation includes getting partial wages as well as coverage of entire medical expenses. Unfortunately, however, thousands of injured workers file for compensation claims in their respective states in the US every year. Mike Saltzstein is an expert and visionary focused on financial planning, strategic planning, worker’s compensation claim, financial structures, and multi-line claims. 

According to the professional, if one is deprived of the legitimate claim and are worried that the disability could have a major impact on their career, considering a worker’s compensation case is the only option to get a settlement as per the law. Some of the instances of them are stated below:  

Denial of the Employer 

The law entitles one to claim if the injury takes place in one’s workplace or during the period of their duties. Now, it may so happen that one’s employer contradicts the claim and consequently the individual faces the opposition of the employer to approve their claim or being retaliated against. Under such circumstances, working with a lawyer specializing in worker’s compensation can help establish that the injury occurred in the workplace.

The attorney investigates the matter and helps one to get the lost wages along with medical expenses as per the legal judgment. Meanwhile, if the individual is fired by the employer, the attorney will help one to get back the job right away. 

Confused About The Filing Process

Understanding complex terms of the law and the filing process may seem perplexing and overwhelming. It is important to to get in touch with a lawyer who is well-versed in the worker’s compensation process and handling such claims. They will clarify the whole process enabling one to successfully go through the steps. Even, if there is a court hearing, the lawyer will represent the concerned person to get the legal claim. 

Having any Pre-Existing Condition

Having any pre-existing ailment often comes in the way of specific workers’ compensation claims making it difficult to get necessary treatment and benefits. The medical insurer and the employer may claim that one’s pre-existing condition is the reason for this accident or worsened the injury.

This can lead to the rejection of the victim’s claim. A lawyer will assess every detail of the pre-existing condition and by using their insight, the legal professional can provide necessary evidence establishing that the pre-existing condition is not at all related to the workplace injury. 

Having Excess Medical Bills

According to Mike Saltzstein, the chance of excess medical bills may happen for unforeseen issues and expenses that doctors may fail to notice at the primary stage. For instance, having an injury to the spinal cord may result in other health conditions in due course of time. In such cases, insurance companies may deny paying for the cost of medical expenses towards future medical treatment. The individual may need physical therapy for getting back to normal condition. It makes sense to consult an attorney who can help to get the legitimate medical bill coverage by establishing that the claim is justified.