Hillandale Farms Discusses the Essential Tools Needed to Cook Eggs

Eggs are among the most versatile food items on the planet. They can be fried, poached, scrambled or boiled, and then be put into a salad or a sandwich, or even had on its own. After buying eggs from Hillandale Farms, one would be able to prepare them in almost any way they want. However, any egg dish can be tricky to prepare unless one has the right tools. It is important to stock up the kitchen with certain basic tools to whip up delicious eggs.

Hillandale Farms sheds light on the basic tools necessary to cook eggs

No matter whether a person prefers a hard-boiled egg or a soft-boiled one with a runny yolk, proper cooking and shelling techniques have to be followed to make sure that they have the ideal texture and are easy to peel. To make boiled eggs, one would need a lidded saucier pan with sloping sides, as well as a slotted spoon to take the eggs out of the water with care. Rather than boiling the eggs, one may even choose to steam them if they have a steamer basket. Steaming the eggs can provide more consistent results, and reduces the odds of cracking as the eggs do not have to be lowered into the water where they may jostle each other in the pot.

Scrambled eggs are another popular way to have eggs. To prepare the, one has to properly and quickly stir them consistently over the right level of heat. The heat should be very low to get soft eggs, and medium for a bit firmer yet creamy and moist. Two basic tools are needed to make fluffy scrambled eggs, a nonstick skillet and a spatula. A nonstick skillet is important to produce the perfect consistency in the eggs, without the issue of sticking. A good silicone spatula would be the perfect partner to the skillet, as they do not damage the coating on the pan while coaxing the eggs into curds. To prepare much-loved omelettes, one would also need an unscratched nonstick skillet that allows people to manipulate the eggs and form the omelette gently.

To prepare special French scrambled eggs, one would need a slope-sided saucepan again, along with a whisk. A whisk is helpful in breaking up the scrambled egg curds as soon as they form. The curved sides of the pan additionally make sure that there is nowhere for pockets of curd to hide.

After buying eggs from Hillandale Farms, one can prepare multiple variations of the good old fried egg, starting from sunny-side-up golden yolk to an egg with extra-crispy whites. Fried eggs require either a seasoned cast iron pan or a non-stick pan. The former is especially ideal for people who like their whites a bit browned and crispy.  In case a person is using a nonstick pan, then they should consider using a nonstick turner-style spatula as well. The sharp edge of a silicone-coated steel flipper makes a food choice for properly getting underneath the egg and flipping it without destroying the yolk.