Green Energy Solutions Says Why Energy Efficiency is So Important  

By far, in the US, electricity is generated through thermal power stations that use fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, biofuels, etc. for heating water and producing steam. The steam whirls a turbine in order to generate electricity, which is then used in the energy grid. Burning of fossil fuels causes the emission of greenhouse gas which contribute to the abrupt climate change that we experience in our everyday life. 

Green Energy Solutions finds that CO2 emissions for the generation of electricity are the single largest contributor to discharging GHC in America. It is worth mentioning that the environmental impact of energy-efficient drives at every home can bring a great change. In fact, research reveals that the domestic sector alone produced nearly 19% of the total GHG emissions in the US in 2016. 

Out of which 69% of household emissions were the consequence of their electricity use. Put simply, this means a huge percentage of residential GHG emissions are intimately linked to our total usage of electricity. In other words, the fact makes it evident that home-based measures toward energy efficiency can give us great solutions to reduce GHG emissions. 

Apart from saving money by implementing energy efficiency activities in our homes, we can thereby nourish our nature mother by reducing GHG emissions or lessening the carbon footprint of every home. Just for instance, as stated by Green energy solutions for lighting our home, on average we consume nearly 17% of our utility bill. 

Simply by replacing the incandescent lights with ‘Energy Star’ marked CFL and LED bulbs, we can lessen the amount we pay for lighting by as much as 90%. Replacing traditional lightbulbs with CFL bulbs and LEDs in each American home is likely to save ample electricity every year that can power nearly 3 million and 4.5 million extra homes respectively. This equates to a reduction of annual emissions of GHCs equivalent to taking off 800,000 and 18,00,000 vehicles from the road. 

This indicates every one of us needs to act proactive to be energy efficient in our home environment. We can take the following measures to lessen energy use. 

  • Replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFL and LEDs. 
  • Insulating our home to prevent the escape of hot air and cool air from our premises during cold and hot seasons respectively because it needs to keep our heating and cooling system working for a longer time. 
  • Washing full loads of laundry rather than washing them partly as it causes water misuse. Similarly, we should turn off the taps at the time of brushing our teeth and employ water-efficient plumbing systems by replacing the outmoded models.
  • Using Energy Star water heating pumps instead of traditional water heaters that use a considerable amount of energy is a great way to be energy efficient and lessen CO2 emissions. 
  • Green Energy Solutions notes that setting our thermostat to 68F during winter and 78F during summer can help reduce energy usage immensely. Also, using ceiling fans with a lower setting of thermostat can make the room breezier and comfortable while saving a lot of energy. 

Simply by taking the above steps we can lessen the combustion of fossil fuel, protect our environment and cut our utility bills.