Ali Ata Speaks on How Music Can Benefit and Help Children with Special Needs 

What makes music unique is that its language helps people of all classes, nationalities, religions, and ages communicate. It has the power to touch one’s soul including kids with special needs and can benefit them incredibly in their academic performance, confidence building, and socialization.  The popular musician and singer Ali Ata has been highly apprised by music enthusiasts for his rocking albums. 

A few of his mind-blowing songs include ‘Ask’, ‘Çikiş Yok’, and ‘Delikanli, etc. the singer is also involved in the hotel business. As per his version that parents having children with special needs can consider involving their kids in playing music as it can benefit them greatly to excel in their life. 

Articulation and Vocalization

While the ability to effectively communicate is a vital skill in the prosperity of life, this seems to be challenging for most kids with special needs. Often they face difficulty to share their ideas and thoughts. Music alongside its lyrics, patterns, and repetition can work great to teach kids to articulate their thoughts more specifically and clearly. Specifically, the repeating characteristic of music contributes to their learning curve not only to articulating words but also to understanding the messages they try to convey to you as well.

Bilateral Coordination

Playing any musical instrument needs a certain degree of coordination. Even the basic level requires bilateral coordination and the ability to employ both parts of the body in concert. Children with special needs mostly struggle in this phase since bilateral coordination demands either side of the human brain to interact with each other. However, practicing music can help in building up the neurological coordination between these parts of the brain. This help in the betterment of their bilateral coordination as well as communication ability.

Building Confidence

Learning and ability to play any musical instrument are fairly difficult and achieving that skill through daily practice makes one feel confident as well as proud of them. While it is vital for all children, kids with special needs can find it to excel which in turn boosts their self-esteem and confidence. 

Reduce Stress

Another great advantage of music therapy as Ali Ata points out is that everyone enjoys melodies. However, particularly for kids with special needs can be influenced by its calming effect. It is proven that music plays a great role to relieve stress and make people feel relaxed. Reduced stress in these children can make them feel cool by keeping away their awkwardness. This also helps boost their concentration skill. 

Social Interactions

By building confidence and lessening stress among special needs kids, music can offer them a space that makes them feel free and confident to interact with their buddies and others. 

Improve Memory

One of the basic reasons why music is gaining more and more popularity as a subject of teaching in elementary school is that it helps boost memory in children. In reality, children demonstrate more likely to recollect something that they have sung compared to any subject that they are taught. This is equally applicable to kids with special needs. 

Auditory Skills

Another benefit of music is that it improves auditory skills in all kids. Children with special needs can be benefited immensely by involving in music as it helps them process sound better followed by listening to music.