Cleaning Your Curtains Without Needing To Take Them Down

Curtains are a vulnerable area of your home when it comes to dust and dirt entrapment. Being a fabric with large surface area while also being positioned at the entry to your home, they do attract more dust and dirt than other furnishings. As such, it is important that you clean them on a regular basis in order to avoid the accumulation of dust that might later affect your health in adverse fashion.

The Issue with Regularly Taking Down your Curtain

Yet, it can be a tiring process and initiative to constantly take down your curtains and have them washed each time. As such, we have complied 3 ways in which you can clean your curtains without having them extracted from your pole.

Before beginning, it should be noted that not all of these methods are applicable to all curtains. Rather, you should consider your curtain’s fabric and its manufacturer’s instructions. When in doubt, you could request the advice from a curtain dry cleaning Singapore company. In particular, you would be able to determine if your curtain can be made damp or if a completely dry solution needs to be applied to them.

Cleaning with your Curtain Hung

These 3 methods are applicable to hung curtains, they include steaming, deodorising and allowing the curtain to breathe.

Utilizing the Power of Vapor

Steaming enables you to wash a curtain efficiently without needing to remove it from its rod. It is specifically efficient against greasy fabrics or unsightly spots. Utilizing a powerful portable steam cleanser could save you the time and energy required to displace and rehang your curtains. Cleaners work best when applied to curtains that are thick and made from natural fibers.

To steam your curtains, mild vertical strokes with the vapor cleanser on the most mild setting ought to be made. This enables infiltration of the fibers without drenching them. Stay clear of making your curtains extremely damp as this could cause the development of mould later.

Deodorise Your Curtains

You can consider using a furniture deodoriser if your curtain has any continuing to be odours after steaming. Typically discovered in spray form, these deodorants enable you to make the curtains smell fresh and clean. When spraying deodorant, do open the curtain up so that it can reach all areas of your curtain.

Give Your Curtains the Time to Breathe

Apart from using deodorants, you ought to enable your curtains to breathe regularly during the course of the week. This helps to avoid any accumulation of odours or mould. To do so, open and air your curtains at least once a week. In particular, do so when the sun is out.

A good routine would be to do this while dusting them off. In this way, you would be effectively dislodging any surface dust while sunning the curtain.