Bruce Weber Photographer Talks About Building a Career in Fashion Photography

Fashion photography can surely be a lucrative and glamorous career. With proper dedication, practice, and understanding of the fashion industry, a career in this domain is certainly attainable for a good photographer. While no one becomes as renowned as Bruce Weber Photographer in a single day, with time they definitely can climb up their career ladder. Bruce Weber has been a part of the fashion photography domain for decades, and conducted shoots for multiple globally renowned fashion brands.

Bruce Weber Photographer briefly underlines certain aspects important to creating a career in fashion photography

Just about all successful fashion photographers know the fashion industry pretty well. This does not simply mean keeping up with the current trends. It also involves knowing the history of fashion industry, and gauging how it has evolved over the years. Most fashion photographers at least briefly know about the fashion and styles of diverse eras. They also have an understanding of the top fashion houses, fashion designers, and fashion magazines. Some of them even might dwell into fine art and portraiture to see how fashion was portrayed before photography.

There are many popular fashion magazines that newbie photographers can check out to gain inspiration for fashion editorial photography. Bruce Weber Photographer has worked with Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Elle and several other fashion magazines. Newbie photographers can check out these magazines, observe where fashion editors make bold choices and identify which ones resonate with them.  A mood-board can be created by using the images and pages of the magazines. This can be helpful in inspiring creativity for photo shoots. Going through a wide variety of magazines will provide the photographers with a better understanding of the photographic styles distinctive magazines tend to select.

Milan, London, Paris and New York are considered to be the Big Four” fashion capitals of the planet. People can find some amazing street style in these cities. They are also home to several prominent fashion magazines, editors, designers, and more. Hence, for any fledging fashion photographer, these cities can be the best place to find work.

Conversely, no matter where their career as a fashion photographer is, one always has to come to shoot while being organized and prepared. This involves having a good understanding of the creative direction for the shoot. Photographers should ideally create a shot list beforehand so that everyone knows what they have to do. Fashion photographers need to think ten steps ahead when conducting any shoot. They need to have a plan in place for every element, starting from whether a leaf blower will be needed to create a windswept look to exactly what lighting equipment has to be there for the shoot.

Making a proper portfolio is also a key step associated with starting out the career as a fashion photographer. One can simply capture photographs of their friends in fashionable clothes for this purpose. Professional models are not always needed for the portfolio shoot.