Transform Your Backyard Oasis With Outdoor Water Features

Transforming your backyard into an oasis is a worthwhile project that can improve your quality of life. A backyard renovation can boost your property value and create a great place to entertain guests.

Add a touch of drama to your garden with unique water features that stand out against your hardscaping. Rushing water is a source of tranquility and helps drown out the noise from nearby traffic or neighbors.


Waterfalls are a staple for any outdoor water features Charlotte NC. Not only do they add a visual dimension, but they also provide an auditory element to the area, soothing guests with a gentle rushing sound. It is a great way to transform any space, regardless of size.

Another beautiful option for a backyard oasis is an overhead fountain display. This dazzling water feature creates a mesmerizing play of movement and light around the pool area, turning your backyard into an engaging paradise.

Alternatively, you can go for a more natural feel with a rock waterfall, which brings the serene beauty of nature right into your backyard. These gorgeous rocks cascade into a pond, helping aerate and filter the water. They’re complemented by lush plants, resulting in a beautiful and peaceful oasis.

Water Features

Water features add visual interest to the hardscape design of any yard. They can be as simple as a small recirculating fountain or as grand as a koi pond. They also provide a soothing sound that calms the mind. Koi ponds, in particular, are designed to add an exotic serenity to backyards.

The best residential water features stand out from the hardscape, creating a focal point for your landscape. Your family will enjoy relaxing around a pond or waterfall while watching the fish or other aquatic plants grow.

If you’re interested in a water feature but aren’t ready to commit to a total pool or don’t have the space, consider a garden fountain. It can be a beautiful addition to any property and is relatively easy to install. A fountain uses a reservoir, pump, and gravity to push water up through a pipe. The water is then recirculated and returned to the reservoir.


You’ve been envisioning the perfect outdoor space, complete with a shady nook for reading and a comfy spot to watch the sunset. While upgrading your landscape and bringing in comfortable seating are great ways to make your backyard feel more like an oasis, there’s nothing quite like a water feature to transform the space truly.

Water features are calming and help mask distracting sounds. Moving water can create a peaceful environment, whether the sound of waves rolling onto a beach or the lapping of calm water on a lake shore.

A fountain can be an excellent choice if you aren’t ready for a more extensive water garden like a pond or need more space. These unique elements are ideal for small spaces and budgets, often featuring a sphere or a stack of rocks through which water is recirculated. They also provide the perfect way to connect with nature by attracting birds and other wildlife to your yard.


The proper lighting enhances custom water features so homeowners can enjoy them at night and during the day. Including a fountain or pond in your hardscape design is crucial, as it can attract wildlife that might otherwise be difficult to see. A well-lit fountain also allows guests to spot their way around the feature more easily to interact with it as they visit your home for a party or get-together.

Residential water features are also a source of white noise that can block out aggravating sounds from nearby roads and neighbors so you can relax in peace. It is conducive if you follow the practice of feng shui, which emphasizes the importance of personal spaces where you can find tranquility and escape from the worries of daily life.

Adding a unique water feature to your yard not only increases your home’s curb appeal but can also increase its value. Future buyers can envision themselves living in the space, and a custom water feature adds that extra personality to the property that will leave a lasting impression on visitors.