Capital Vacations-Your Guide On How To Choose Aging Wine 

“Aged like fine wine”- this is a common adage used across the globe; however, the question here is, do all wine get better with age? Experts in the field say no, not all wine gets better with age. There are some elements that determine the taste of a wine as it ages. They are tannins, sugar, quality, or the intensity of the flavor.

Capital Vacations- understanding the role of preservatives in preventing oxidation of the wine

Capital Vacations is a respected name in Myrtle Beach that offers customers flexible vacation programs that are professional, secure, and affordable. The teams here are specialists in hospitality, resort management, and sales services. When it comes to travel, you often look for good food and wine at the destination you visit. However, in order to choose the best wine, determining its quality and age gives you a memorable taste. 

Preservatives used in the wine impact its taste. For instance, acid refers to the tartness of the wine and serves as a preservative to curb oxidation, which is a process that steals the freshness from the wine. 


Sugar is another preservative that protects the wine from oxidation, and it is even used in jams and fruit jelly. You will find sweet dessert wines in the market that have the capacity to age for a very long period due to the presence of sugar. 


You will find the presence of tannins in red wine, and it is another preservative that protects the wine for a more extended period of time. You often find them in small amounts in white wine that has been oak-aged—red wine with a high quantity of tannins ages longer than those with a low dose of tannins. The depth and the intensity of the flavor of the wine are other elements that determine its taste of it with time. If a wine does not have these preservatives when it is young, it will not taste great with age. 

How long does white wine last?

White wine that is not soaked and dry with no tannins will depend upon the level of acid it has. There are wines with high acids that age beyond the age of five years. Dry wines with moderate acid generally do not have much to preserve their taste for a long time, so they must be consumed sooner. 

The presence of tannins in white wine

When any white wine is oak-aged, it needs some tannin, so it ages longer than its peers that have been fermented with the help of stainless steel. White wines that have sugar content do not age or taste better with time. 

According to the experts at Capital Vacations, many people are not sure as to when to drink red wine. The last generation of winemakers has some red wine brands on the market that are ready to drink. In fact, the average wine lover consumes a bottle of red wine within five hours of purchase. There are some techniques of the red winemaking process that accelerates its aging process. This means you no longer have to wait patiently for ten years to open the bottle and enjoy a glass of red wine anymore!