Aspen Creek of Troy Discusses How Memory Care Facilities Help People with Dementia 

Today more than 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, and the number is expected to reach 13 million by the year of 2050. If someone is experiencing a memory loss condition, they might require 24-hour care and programs to promote the health of their brain, and ensure both physical and mental well-being. This is where memory care facilities like Aspen Creek of Troy come as a huge help. Their staff members are wholly dedicated to aiding the residents in their everyday activities, and making sure that they stay healthy.

Aspen Creek of Troy talks about the use of memory care facilities

Memory care facilities provide people with dementia with a secure, home-like environment to live in, while having proper precautions in place to prevent wandering. The residents are adequately monitored at these facilities, while also having proper provisions to maintain their privacy. Memory care facilities go a long way in promoting independence and reducing confusion that is often faced by people with dementia.

Physical safety is an extremely critical part of memory care. Unattended individuals with memory loss conditions might be a threat to themselves when they wander. Memory care staff members, therefore, are specially trained to make sure that the residents are safe and sound at all times. These professionals are always ready to assist residents’ daily routines. They help the residents to get dressed, bath, and eat in time.

It is not safe for people with memory issues to wander outside unattended. They can get lost, and become anxious. To prevent such issues, memory care facilities provide round-the-clock supervision and assistance to the residents. Expert care is always available to them in times of need. Hence, the residents of memory care facilities can easily go about their lives, while their families are assured that they are in good hands.  The floor plans of memory homes are carefully designed to make the residents feel comfortable. They have spacious rooms that can be decorated by the residents, so that they can have a level of familiarity.

Senior citizens who deal with memory issues do require specialized care. Fortunately, memory care facilities typically try to provide individualized care to each of their residents. Their staff members make an effort to personally know each of the residents, and understand their particular requirements. Understanding one’s unique health needs is an important aspect of memory care, and allows the nursing care experts to can take the correct emergency measures if necessary.  Opportunities for socialization are also provided at memory care facilities, which help in ensuring that the residents do not feel lonely.

Expert staff members of memory care facilities oversee many activities to ensure that the residents are getting the most out of their time. Memory care facilities like Aspen Creek of Troy have a variety of activities that are perfectly suitable for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and help them to stay active and engaged. They even allow residents to keep a dog or cat, and provide the needed pet care.