2 Key Pieces Of Information For Car Rentals

In this article, we will be covering 2 essential pieces of information you need to know before renting a car in Singapore. By following this overview, you can rest easy knowing that you will be borrowing the right car without any adverse shocks.

Information Pertaining To the Automobile

The first concern that the majority of people ask themselves would certainly be the type and version of car to be rented. Putting aside personal preferences for a moment, there are a number of factors that you need to consider.

Transmission Type

It is easy to fail to remember given that you may own a car of your own, yet the transmission type plays a vital role when picking a car to rent. In Singapore, both manual and automatic transmission type cars are widely available for car rentals.

For starters, your car driver license would dictate whether you are qualified to rent a manual car or only automatic cars.

Nevertheless, in addition to your driver license qualification, you should also consider your comfort with each. Given that you would be likely operating a distinct car model from what you are used to, having some degree of experience with its usage would be of excellent aid.

Another consideration to be made is that car rental service Singapore companies typically charge more rental fees for automated transmission cars. This makes manual transmission cars more preferred for those who fit driving stick and who are seeking to reduce rental prices.

Information Pertaining To Your Trip

Number of Guests & their Luggage

The following consideration should be the number of people in your team. All cars have a recommended seating capability that ought to be complied with for safety reasons. Should you be planning to take longer trip, consider getting a more roomy car as your visitors may need more area to stretch out. In addition, the extra space would certainly be fantastic for their wellness as they would really feel less confined.

One more associated consideration to be taken into account is the amount of luggage or logistics that you are intending to transport. If the amount of baggage surpasses the space of the boot, you would certainly have to keep them within your seating space. Therefore, it is always an excellent practice to lease a car with excess buffer space to fit extra luggage.

Keep Drivers to a Minimum

Having said that, we recommend contacting the car rental company if there is an additional charge for each and every added vehicle driver. Some firms require that you pay an extra day-to-day fee per vehicle driver, regardless of whether they end up driving or otherwise. Even if they do require an extra fee, you might ask for a waiver should you just be with your spouse. At times, these business make exceptions for pairs, however this protocol differs from company to company.