Welcome to this guide for the Extinction mode playlist found on Call Of Duty Ghosts.

What is Extinction?

‘Zombies’ mode is gone and ‘Extinction’ mode steps up to the plate for COD: Ghosts. My verdict of the new mode? It’s Genius. This game mode is one of the most creative, imaginative and original additions to happen to the COD franchise for years. This game mode is what Aliens Colonial Marines should have been.

You and three other players must fight off constant waves of aliens. The goal of the game is too progress as far through the level as possible. Your team has a large drill which must be carried from alien hive to alien hive and be set up to destroy the hive. Once enough hives have been destroyed you must defend yourself and a helicopter that is helping your squad to break through a barrier and enter the next area of the map.

Tips for killing the aliens?

The aliens come in a variety of flavours with the majority of the early creatures being small four legged dog like creatures. These provide little challenge early on and for the first few hives it’s possible and recommended you use only a knife to build money and reserve ammo. There are large scorpion like enemies which will spit acid from their tail to prevent you from staying in one place for too long, so shoot and move, rinse and repeat. The other type of enemy is around the same size as the smallest creatures but they can take a lot more damage. The easiest way to dispatch tougher enemies is to aim for any shining or glowing areas and keep firing. The final type of enemy I have encountered can only be described as a rhino. This enemy is tough to beat, armoured, fast and will charge at you constantly until you die or it does. Aim for the face, his body is well armoured.

Best weapons for the job?

I have found that the best weapon is located after the first hive has been destroyed. The single shot assault rifle is lying against a stone beneath the wooden area with the turret gun and close to the corner of the map surrounded by bushes. This single shot gun is powerful and as soon as you have the $2000 required to buy it you should purchase it immediately. Where can I find items to help me? Once you have found a gun of your choice you should search across the map and seek out the ‘Searchable Items’ these come in two forms. They are small grey boxes or open black bags that you can search and find everything from weapon attachments, money and tactical equipment. They are always in the same number of places but they are on a random rotation where sometimes a searchable item will be in one place while other times it will be in the other pre-set place chosen by the developers. Some of the main spots on the map are:

  • As soon as the game begins the top right corner of the square area just before the Jeep there is usually a black bag. There is another bag in the back left or right corner of the same small square area.
  • The alleyway leading behind the apartments locate directly behind the town’s sign sometimes has an active hive in it. This alley also contains a number of searchable items. The first is to the left or right of the entrance and the rest are located further along the alleyway next to a rock protruding from the wall and next to a generator at the end of the alleyway.
  • There are searchable item areas behind the overturned jeep after the first hive is destroyed. In the bushes to the left of the town’s sign, directly behind the towns sing and to the side of the first set of stairs leading to the turret gun at the side of the apartments.

I shall update this guide if I find any other helpful hints, tips or tricks. Are there any tips, tricks or hints that I am missing from this guide? Feel free to comment below with them and I shall include them in the article! Let’s do this marines!