Fuse is the latest game from Insomniac Games who are the developers of the much beloved Ratchet and Clank series. A series that has taken me many years to get into, not because I don’t like them but when I was younger I couldn’t afford many games and the Jak and Daxter series was my choice out of the two. Enough of my childhood though, what I was trying to say is that although I haven’t played many of their games, I’m aware they are of a strong calibre when it comes to game making.

Fuse is a squad based third person shooter where you’ll assume the role of a team of four soldiers, each with their own special abilities. For example Dolton seems to be the main soldier of the group and has a ‘mag shield’ that can absorb bullets allowing them to be fired back at his enemies. These abilities will give you the edge during the heated battles you’ll face against plenty of soldiers, mechs and much more.

Chemistry class was cut short by the Fuse team

There are some cool guns as well. The one character I spent most of the demo playing as had a gun called a ‘Scattergun’ that seemed to coat the enemies in tar and freeze others around it, giving my allies a chance to deal some real damage.

You’ll be able to level up your characters and group. This was merely shown in the demo with a few token points to spend but I’m sure it’ll play a big part in the full game.

The one really nice touch is that you can swap squad members on the fly meaning you’re not left waiting for an AI character to use an ability at the right time. Having said that I never felt as though I was left waiting for the AI teammates to do something for me. I also was not blown away by how good they were either, so the best I can say at the moment is that the AI is functional, as it should be.

My closest comparison in game terms was Binary Domain (which is a game I loved), minus the camp factor. It doesn’t seem like Fuse will explode into the market and blow away many gamers but I imagine it will grab a small core audience who will love it.

The demo was definitely enough to peak my interest and grab a like minded friend to give the full game a try. The setting and plot is still a bit vague but given how it’s only a demo I’m not surprised they held back from showing all of it. Go try it out for yourselves or see Jon and I play the game on The Play Vault’s Youtube Channel Here.