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Hello and Welcome to the Play Vault podcast episode 68.

Join Jon ‘Jonmau5′ Wilson, Andrew ‘Gangucrimes’ Gould and Ben ‘bcjonesy’ Jones as we talk about everything and anything note worthy or amusing from the world of video games.

What Have We Been Playing?

Metal Gear Rising
Gears Of War Judgment
Crysis 3
Battleblock Theatre
Age of Empires 2 HD.
Jurassic Park the Game
Borderlands 2 dlc
Halo 4
Tomb Raider.


Dead Island Charcter imports for Riptide:

State Of Decay looks cool:

Sanctum 2 is coming: http:/

Where to find us:

The Play Vault.Com

Steam Group: The Play Vault

Shoutouts, Goodbyes and Out takes.