When we first heard about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon we all thought it was a massive April Fool’s joke. However, when achievement lists and box art leaked it all became real. Then we were told it would be a standalone downloadable game and would not require Far Cry 3 to play. When we got to see Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon it looked extremely crazy, which was great especially as not many developers take risks like this one.

You may have noticed that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon does not have much to do with Far Cry 3 except for the name. Especially since the game was inspired by VHS movies from the 80’s and it has cyborg commandos and dragons that shoot lasers from their eyes. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon may play like Far Cry 3 however it has a new art direction, loads of new and exciting weapons and a new hero called Sergeant Rex Power Colt who is trying to stop a massive cyborg army. There are still a few similar things from Far Cry 3 in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon like the massive island and animals  but they have obviously been changed slightly to fit in with the style of the game.

This does not mean that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is just Far Cry 3 with a new art style and story because the way the missions are structured has changed completely. Jason Brody, from Far Cry 3, was not really told to be stealthy as he was a character used for running and gunning, however Sergeant Rex Power Colt is encouraged to be stealthy, especially when given certain jobs like hostage missions, which require you to save the hostage without alerting guards. This however does not mean you have to be stealthy as running and gunning is still an option and works pretty well.

The main difference between Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Far Cry 3 are the story and art direction. It is the type of game that has went out to be completely serious and has left all seriousness behind. It’s not just the main story that is crazy as even the back story is crazy, like when America nuked Canada to defeat Russia. Everyone will also remember the names of the guns because they are just as crazy like having the triple barrel shotguns.

The main story can be completed in about three hours and thirty minutes but there is still loads more to do as you would expect in an open world game. There are cyborg controlled garrisons that you can liberate which will allow friendly scientists to enter the base. To liberate a garrison you must kill every enemy inside it, which can be done in many ways like taking down the shield. Take down the shield then find the control panel which allows Blood Dragons to enter and they will do all the hard work for you. There is also the option of just causing destruction and killing everyone yourself or if you prefer you could still go down the stealth root. When you liberate a garrison you will unlock side missions which can either be hunting or hostage missions. Also, there are advantages to completing these missions like unlocking new guns and attachments for them which can be very helpful in the later missions of the game.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon takes the great mechanics from Far Cry 3 and adds humour and crazy over the top fun. Also Ubisoft made a great decision to make Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon a standalone game which does not require Far Cry 3 to be played. The few tweaks that have been made make the game feel very refreshing.


  • Great Humour
  • Good Art Direction
  • Refreshing
  • Has Blood Dragons
  • Great Gun Choices


  • Stealth not best Option

Thanks to Ubisoft for the PlayStation 3 review copy of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon