Tony Montana said in Scarface -All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don’t break them for no one‘. Every gangster needs balls, the guts to shoot your rivals into becoming so full of holes that whiskey leaks right through them when they drink. Every gangster needs the cojones to make more money than the rival gangs and to rise to the top. Omerta does not have balls, it has no guts either and definitely no cojones will be found here. This is a testicle free environment.

Tropico 3 and Tropico 4 are good city simulator games for the console. Haemimont Games who created the Tropico games and Kalpsyo Media who published both games, really should have aimed higher with this game. Being a big fan of the Tropico games and loving all things mafia from Scarface to The Godfather I was expecting a city simulator game with a mafia style, how hard could it be right? Re-skinning Tropico would have been better than this attempt!

The game begins with a choice, what do you want your gangster to look like and what perks (and faults) do you want to give him? You choose these perks and vices via choosing various sections of your back story and right off the bat the mistakes of this game begin. This HAS to be a PC port or something because on my 50 Inch TV the text is tiny and hard to read, the text is also littered with spelling mistake and typos! WHY and HOW in 2013 can games still get put out with typos and spelling mistakes? Unforgivable.

It gets worse… The city areas are similar in terms of graphics as the Tropico games (as you would expect) and the music follows the same repetitive loop that the Tropico games had BUT I don’t remember the Tropico games music being so choppy and often cutting out altogether at times. The city at night is way to dark to even see what your doing and even with my tv turned up to full brightness it is too dark. You may be thinking; ”But Jon why not use the in game brightness setting?
My reply would be; ”There isn’t a bloody in game brightness setting!

To play this turd of a game you select one of your gangsters and send them to a specific building to complete a certain task. You see them entering the building and hear some sound effects such as shooting or fighting but you actually see nothing. You just tell them to raid/attack/bomb or drive by a business and then sit and wait until they walk in and back out of the building. Rinse and repeat step 1 and this is the majority of the game.

You can upgrade your gangsters and swap and change which gangsters you want to take into battles with you. Changing a fellow gangsters weapon is much more confusing than it has to be and understanding all of the characters special abilities is just a convoluted mess of text and half arsed attempts at explanations.

The battle sections of the game are new and were not previously seen in Tropico. The battle scenes play out like a very bog standard version of XCom Enemy Unknown. You have a specific amount of moves and attacks and then a few special abilities to play with. The matches end too often with you firing at enemies while they stand directly next to you or vice versa. If all of your characters die then you have to reload your save or start again. I wouldn’t bother personally… just play another game if like me you got this far.

I always try to review a game with at least one positive point but I literally cannot think of one positive thing to say. I was really looking forward to Omerta City Of Gangsters because I love the Tropico games and I was expecting more of the same in a gangster setting but this is much, much less of the quality gameplay that was part of the Tropico games. Omerta is just plain boring and it just about functions as a game but I wouldn’t bother trying to play it.


~ The game’s cover is cool.
~ You could use the game disc as a tea coaster.
~  This makes you remember how good Tropico is.


~ Game’s settings and menus hinder play.
~ Awful and silly combat.
~ Sound so choppy you want to cut your ears off.
~ This game has no personality.
~  The game has no balls.