Have you played and completed Fallout 3?

If the answer to this question is yes then you are part of the 45.57% that completed the game on the Xbox 360 or you are part of the 39.53% from the Ps3 or possibly even you’re one of the 32.67% that finished the game on PC. (Statistics according to Raptr, Game completion being achieving the games main storyline ending) More people have played the game and not completed it than those who have experienced the ending, enjoyed the journey and played it through until the end.

Why Should I Bother To Complete Fallout 3?

Before I begin to explain my reasons as to why you should complete Fallout 3, let me first get a few things straight that will save many trolls their own wasted time with jibes of ‘fanboy’ and the like. I am not a Bethesda fanboy, I simply enjoyed Fallout 3 so much that I wish others to be able to experience this enjoyment too.

In my opinion Fallout 3 is a masterpiece because of engaging gameplay being married to a storyline that will immerse you deeply into it’s post apocalyptic world. Fallout 3 is a game worthy of your time,which you simply must play to completion before it becomes to aged and forgotten in the shadow of the newer and shiner games the next console generation will eventually and surely bring. I make this point because I recently revisited some of my favourite classic games from the days of the original Playstation during my Who Remembers…? series of articles, and many of them have aged very poorly due to advancements in video game technology, writing and overall design.

What’s The Story Morning Glory?

The Fallout storyline starts very slowly and I must admit I had to begin the game several times before I became invested in the plot. You begin the game as a baby and then jump to being pre teen, a teenager and then finally and eventually a fully grown man or woman. The storyline is open to be interpreted in a different way by different people. An example of this is that some people seen Vault 101 as a ‘utopia’ or a ‘safe haven’ against the harsh and cruel irradiated reality of the wastelands that were above ground, whilst others, including myself, seen the Vault as a temporary sanctuary that eventually becomes a prison cell. Bethesda do not attempt to put across any particular feeling towards how you should feel about the Vault, it’s occupants or even your own family and friends in the game, it just provides you with events and character types and you decide. While it is true that other games have left characters, and events open to the players interpretation before, they have not done so as often and as well as Bethesda has done so. Bioware attempted this with the Mass Effect series of games but they still had the clear cut good guy and bad guy characters along with ‘positive’ environments and the ‘evil’ places. This is one reason Fallout is worthy of your time because the choice is yours when it comes to deciding on the way you play and what your real story is.

Miles And Miles Of Nothing But Desolation, Hopelessness And Greed. Yet, Still VERY fun!

The Wasteland Of The Soul

Fallout made me feel the loneliness of my character’s existence within this world. After wandering for a long time through the vast, harsh wasteland, with only my trusty hunting rifle for company, I felt encompassed by the isolation and began to mistrust everyone I met along the way. Upon meeting another character within the world I first had to judge if they were friendly or a threat and after finding out which one they were, I still had to keep my guard up. Some characters wan’t to trick you, others want to

The enemies are often not your biggest problem in the world of Fallout, the environment is. The harsh effects of the radiation will creep up on you and before you know it, your riddled with radiation poisoning. Radiation effects and accidentally becoming addicted to drugs (I’m sure this the most overused Jeremy Kyle excuse ever, I accidentally became addicted to drugs!) when you are attempting to to use them as a temporary stat or health boost keep you planning all of the time. Fallout makes you think of the risk and reward of every action you take. Do I take the Jet and gain more ‘AP’ at the risk of becoming addicted to the stuff and losing stats later on or do I just take on these enemies, man up and make do?

When things like this happen it’s gruesome but oh, so cool!

What Is The Fallout From This?

I played Fallout 3 SO… many times before completing it but I am now extremely glad that I finished the game. Fallout 3 is now undoubtedly one of the best games I have ever had the pleasure of playing and it will be one of the games that for the next generation of consoles and the one after that, I will still look back and say, you know that Fallout 3 game? That was a good game.

Now get out here, explore those wastes and get it done, this is one experience you cannot afford to miss. What is next for my wasteland adventures you say? I’m going to Vegas baby! Fallout New Vegas is another game that I feel that I NEED to play before the next generation of consoles comes along and older games fall by the wayside. Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas are both games that I have owned since release and only scratched a tiny little bit of the surface of.