I was one of the few people that purchased the Nintendo 3DS XL on release day last year. I am also one of the few people (probably one of the last on this planet) that did not own a Nintendo DS before the XL came along. I dived head first into the mammoth back catalogue of Nintendo DS games that were available but then I turned my attention back to new games and in particular games produced for the 3DS. After all the system has 3d capabilities, so may as well use it!

After delving into the likes of Super Mario: 3D Land, Zelda:¬†Ocarina¬†Of Time and Heroes Of Ruin, I was left wanting more and I was ready to throw more money at Nintendo for some good games, but wait… where are the games Nintendo?

Where Are The Games Nintendo?

Indeed, where are the games? Nintendo 3DS owners whom bought this system day one have had to sit and wait for the games to come. The last five or so months there have been no noteworthy releases. The Nintendo Wii U is suffering the same problems as the 3DS right now, there quite simply is nothing coming out.

Nintendo seem to be playing the long game when it comes to having their releases in order. The Nintendo Direct announcements that released earlier this week finally gave us 3DS owners some hope that good things are to come. The good games are on the horizon and as they say good things come to those who wait.

The Hope On The Horizon: First Reason

Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate

The first reason to hold onto your 3DS is Monster Hunter: Ultimate. The massively popular Monster Hunter series is coming back late March and it looks set to be bigger and better than ever!

The game boasts a whole heap of awesome features but the annoying thing is that there will be no online connectivity for 3DS users to join up with friends online. The 3DS seems to have drawn the short straw once again here when it comes to the online portion of the game (which arguably is the most important part of Monster Hunter) because only local co-operative play is supported with multiple 3DS systems running the same game in the same room, or WiiU owners (all five of you!) can play the 3DS version against someone else playing the WiiU version. The MH3 save game can be exchanged between 3DS and WiiU, which is a nice move by Capcom but still the lack of online multiplayer is unforgivable.

Monster Hunter is going to eat up your time because there are over 200 quests, a hell of a lot of weapon and equipment upgrades and many, many, (maaaaany!) challenging enemies to fight. The game also boasts clever use of the touch screen functionality for both WiiU and 3DS. The touch screen is used to read in game books, play a few mini games and can be used to access weapons and equipment quicker.

There is a demo for the new Monster Hunter on theNintendo e-shop right now, so go check it out!

One To Get Excited For: Reason Two

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon

Nintendo announced that 2013 is going to be ‘The Year Of Luigi‘. Ol’ green hat is going to be making an¬†appearance¬†in a¬†load¬†of games¬†coming¬†out this year and he is back as the star of his own game in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.

Luigi is exploring a few different haunted mansions and he will be bringing down the ghosts and¬†ghouls¬†Ghostbusters style. The mansions will be packed with enemies, puzzles and a wide range of secret items and objects to discover. Unlike Monster Hunter, Luigi’s Mansion will have full online multiplayer functionality¬†with you being able to play with up to three other players and better yet this game is exclusive to the 3DS. ‘Unlucky WiiU users!’

The official Nintendo press release best explains everything you need to know about the game:

Luigi returns to help his mad-scientist friend, Professor E. Gadd, by sucking up the ghosts in each of the mysterious mansions filled with puzzling contraptions that must be manipulated to proceed. Armed with a torch and the Poltergust 5000, which can be upgraded with new features such as the Strobulb light to stun the wacky wraiths and the Dark-Light Device to reveal invisible clues and objects, Luigi is fully equipped to tackle any paranormal activity!

As you explore, keep a close eye on your surroundings and investigate every nook and cranny to bring the secrets of the mansions to light. Experimenting with the Poltergust’s functions to either suck things up or blow them away will often be key to making your way: rolling up a carpet may reveal a concealed switch, while peeling off loose wallpaper can expose a secret doorway. As you come up with different ways to use your tools, you’ll also uncover fiendishly hidden gems for your collection and gather stacks of cash to gain equipment upgrades.

The adventure is brought to life with rich, cartoon-like graphics in immersive auto-stereoscopic 3D. Each mansion has its own characteristics and equally the variety of ghosts roaming the mansions’ halls and rooms are full of personality, fun and mischief, lending a light-hearted touch to the exploration of the haunted houses.

In addition to the solo adventure, up to four players can get together locally or online to venture into the Thrill Tower in the multiplayer mode, where each controls a differently-coloured Luigi to tackle three varied challenges awaiting on its floors. In Hunter mode, work together to hunt down ghouls and clear each floor before the clock strikes zero. In Polterpup mode, chase the adorable ghost dog with your Dark-Light Device in tow to catch him. In Rush mode, frantically hunt for the escape hatch that allows your team Luigi to climb up to the next floor.
Nintendo of Europe reveals that the European retail package of Luigi’s Mansion 2 will have an exclusive glow-in-the-dark cover while stocks last. Players who pre-order the game may also receive a limited edition Boo Anti-Stress Ball to settle their nerves when the going gets too spooky!

Luigi’s Mansion 2 will make its ghostly appearance across Europe on 28thMarch 2013* exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, both as a packaged game with glow-in-the-dark cover at retail and as a digital download from Nintendo eShop.

The Jewel In The Crown: Reason Three

Fire Emblem Awakening

Fire¬†Emblem¬†Awakening is out in the US and for us Brits.. it’s so close! Slated for an April release window, we don’t have wait long to play this masterpiece of a game. Fire Emblem Awakening is the first entry in the fantasy turn-based strategy series on Nintendo 3DS. It tells the story of Lord Chrom and his growing army of companions as they band together to save the world from a rising evil.¬†Fire Emblem Awakening features a gorgeous art style and voice acting, plus an epic storyline with a massive lineup of memorable characters with unique personalities. As with past entries in the series, every decision the player makes is vital, as characters lost in battle are gone forever.

Starting on launch day, additional maps will be available to purchase and download. The first downloadable map will be free for a limited time and will be followed by additional maps on a weekly basis. Players with a copy of Fire Emblem Awakening and a broadband Internet connection will be able to access the downloadable content through the in-game world map.

Fire Emblem has reviewed very well in the US and the game currently stands at 92 out of 100! Need I say more about the game?

Here’s a gameplay video of Fire Emblem Awakening:

Hopefully these three games are enough for you to want to keep hold of your Nintendo 3DS system but if this is not the case and you still want to sell your 3DS, then Nintendo are facing very dark times¬†indeed. WiiU is selling horribly, so now more than ever Nintendo need to retain their share of the handheld gaming market because due to the recent price cut of the PS Vita in Japan, it has (for the first time since it’s release) outsold the 3DS!

The 3DS and WiiU need strong, quality, content because a system is only as good as the software it provides. I will keep my fingers crossed (with every other 3DS owner out there) that after these titles have released we will have some more information on a whole load more bigger and better things that are to eventually make their way into our eager hands.