From Miami to Rook Island!

There are many places these days that are beautiful places for people to explore. Far Cry 3′s Rook Island has to be one of my personal favourites. Here are my top 5 reasons why Rook Island is the perfect holiday destination for you to take a trip to and get away from the boring and grinding reality of everyday (real) life…

1. Holidays - Everybody loves going on their holidays and exploring Rook Island can be a cheap alternative for those on a budget. A Ryanair flight would easily get you to Rook Island because you do not even need the plane to land, just remember to pack a personal parachute in your hand luggage because Ryanair will charge you £49.99 for a parachute on board. The island is a vista of beautiful beaches, lush tropical landscapes, fabulous sunsets and also boats a variety of wildlife. Rook Island is surely one of the best up and coming holiday destinations for tourists and adventurers alike.

2. Hunting – With no protected species on the island, there is no tortoise, bear or tiger too sacred. Please do not forget to pack your hunting knives and your favourite Rambo headscarf, because if it is hunting that you have came here for, then you are in for a treat! Find creative ways to hunt your prey like planting C4 on the shell of an unsuspecting tortoise or maybe you could go ‘old skool’ and use a bow and arrow to take down a leopard? You could always simply just re-enact your childhood through pretending to be Crocodile Dundee and wrestle it out with an alligator.  Hunting is not only a fun pastime, it is a useful one too! AS you adopt the local Native American values, you will be able to learn how to make good use of every animal you kill through crafting various items for your inventory, so there really is no reason for you to feel guilty about killing Bambi’s relatives.

3.Transport –  Are you feeling adventurous? Why not explore Rook Island from the tree tops? Or maybe you have a head for heights and would prefer to give hand gliding a go? Have you ever wanted to try a parachute jump and just feel the rush of the air bellowing through your hair as you fly though the air at 300,000 feet a second? Try jumping from one of the many cliff faces or mountain areas and then attempt gliding down to the golden beaches below. Whether by land or by sea there are plenty of vehicles waiting for you to jump into and take for a joyride. (Please note that military vehicles may cost you extra as in the extra price of… your life. The Play Vault and Andrew Gould accepts no responsibility for loss of digital life during your Rook Island holiday experience.)

4. Vaas -  Vaas has to be one of the most likeable villains you will ever meet on the island and could quite possibly be one of the most likeable villains in videogame history. (if Rook Island was the location of a videogame.) Vaas is superbly sounds and acts like Michael Mando and the likeness between these two people is uncanny. Vaas is perfectly believable as the Rook Islands’ socio-path warmonger because it is he whom is in control of his own reality, Vaas can be at times an out of control monster but usually he is pleasant to tourists and will always ensure they have everything they need. Vaas often has some of the best lines and is sure to make you shocked whilst grinning from ear to ear at times, as you listen to his dark humour and deep jibes.

5. Freedom – You are encouraged to explore every nook and cranny of the island as you may stumble across some very important collectables and souvenirs. However, some of these revered collectiables can be in the dangerous areas of the island so it is recommended that you to choose a weapon layout that best suits your exploration style. You should also decide if you are going to play your moves stealthily or go in all guns blazing and maybe infiltrate some of the nuisance bandits outposts dotted around the island. You can learn many skills while traversing the island and your personalised skill trees can be adapted and grown to enhance your abilities.

Rook Island feels like as though it was created by a videogame company such as Ubisoft for example. If Ubisoft had created this then they would have focused on the most enjoyable aspects of freedom for gamers to experience because that’s what our island has to offer for everyone in the real world.

One satisfied  holidaymaker who is still on vacation at the island said:

I am amazed at how the island’s landscaping [development] team have managed to create such a immersive and engaging world, that would make the island a joy to play if this place were in a videogame. – Mr. A Gould

Away from the ‘holiday brochure’ now…

Never before have I felt so connected to a fictional place. I felt Far Cry 3 was much more than a game and more of an experience. I grew from ‘Mr. Average’ to a ‘Super Warrior’ with the abilities at my disposal to take on everything the island could throw at me. Subtle touches like creating a dive animation for just before you begin jumping into the ocean made everything feel as though this was really your personal experience and you, yourself were really there.

Far Cry 3 is such a pleasure to play and I have put off completing the game as an excuse to carry on having fun in Rook Island. It has been such a great experience that I simply just do not want it to end, and it won’t as long as I keep having fun in this world. I’m going back to the island, I’ll see you there soon.

Bon Voyage!

- Andrew Gould