Medal Of Honour Modern Warfighter Copy And Paste Ops – this is not only way to long for an article’s title but it is exactly what I thought as the credits began to roll for Medal Of Honour Warfighter.

The gaming industry has reached the saturation point with first person shooter games set in the present time or near future. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4 was a great game that paved the way for many other solid first person shooters to be imagined, produced and released. The likes of Battlefield Bad Company, Battlefield 3 and Homefront released afterwards and were all solid shooting games that took place in a modern setting. (Homefront was a little shaky but, still…a good shooter!)

Warfighter wants to be every Call Of Duty game that has came out since Call of Duty 4. I played through the games familiar levels with an unshakeable feeling of deja vu, I have played this before, I have done this multiple times now. You play a constant game of whack-a-mole with the enemies, wait for them to pop up, shoot, rinse and repeat. The obligatory boat section is present, the dull stealth levels make an appearance, the predictable sniper segments are back and the only original level in the entire game is a car stealth level!?
That’s right! A CAR STEALTH LEVEL! You drive around a maze area that is basically just a fully fleshed out 3d PacMan maze. The ghosts become the enemies cars which you have to avoid and this basically means you drive to avoid the enemies and then when they are about to see you, you drive into an area that is lit up like a christmas tree. You hide in the glowing square until the enemy passes and then you drive off and out of there. This level is original but is a poor idea that is awkwardly shoehorned into the game.

The online multiplayer is the same as every other online multiplayer out there with the game modes and gameplay you would expect and have already seen (done better) many, many times before.

I have produced hundreds upon hundreds of game reviews in the the three years I have been writing about videogames and this has to be one of the shortest reviews I have ever published. The task of writing about Warfighter is so difficult because it is the same game as any other average joe shooter on the market. What can I say about a game that we have all played numerous times before? Nothing, so I won’t waffle and attempt to.

The current state of FPS games is one of complete disarray. First Person Shooter games have all blurred into one mesh of the same levels, same set pieces and similar gameplay. Games in this genre will continue to be produced and released though because they still sell a phenomenal amount of copies. The argument of ‘Where is the innovation?‘ has been a long running complaint for a long time now, but there is hope on the horizon. The next generation of consoles (while not in the beginning) could bring with it some new, interesting, innovative and most importantly fresh shooter games for FPS fans. All we can do for now, is wait patiently and hope for something new and shiny.

Could games like Destiny finally break the mould and provide us with something fresh, new and exciting?


- Good visuals and graphics
- Decent voice acting
-  Not as bad as Conflict Denied Ops


- Same gameplay as every other fps
- Tries to hard to be COD
- Pointless stealth driving section
- Another convoluted and dull story
- Not much better than Conflict Denied Ops