Kenshi is an a game being developed by It’s an indie game made by one guy and even though it’s in it’s alpha stages, it’s already looking awesome.

Set in an undefined location, Kenshi drops you into the role of an average joe trying to scratch a living out in the barren world. There’s no vengeance to go and take on some evil warlord, or an evil empire to face with your rebel brethren. In Kenshi trying to survive is the hardest challenge.

As already stated you play as an average person and there’s no difference between you and a bandit, except the bandit will probably kick your ass as he’s had a lot more combat experience than you. You can try and scratch a living out in the towns, escort caravan’s or try and start your own roving gang. It’s all up to you in the world of Kenshi. The game plays like an RPG but given the scale of the size your group could become it’d be fairer to call it a cross between an RPG and a RTS. It makes for a good mix as you can soon have many men to command beneath you.

Having spoken to the developer I’m very excited about the features yet to come in Kenshi. Soon you’ll be able to make your own towns and manage them accordingly. It will even get to the point in the game where bandits will not necessarily come in and loot your town but rather threaten you with force, unless you pay up. The same will be said for organised governments who will react similarly and only this time demand “taxes”.

Kenshi’s world is different to any other I’ve had the pleasure to play in. It’s a massive desert with a few towns and cities scattered throughout it’s wasteland. The people are definitely based on a feudal japan era and samurai styling. It’s a good mix and it’s world is constantly evolving at the moment as lofigames are constantly updating with new features for you to take advantage of. I recommend going to and checking it out there’s a demo for anyone who wants to try it and it’ll only cost you $13 to buy a copy now and you’ll get access to all the coming updates.

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