Hell and welcome to The Play Vault Podcast Episode 61: Where’s Clementine?

Join Jonathan ‘Jonmau5′ Wilson, Benjamin ‘bcjonesy’ Jones and Andrew ‘Gangucrimes’ Gould as we talk about what we have been playing, the best games this year and a whole host of other random and funny junk.

This podcast contains no Walking Dead Spoilers.

No zombies were harmed in the making of this audio recording but The Play Vault takes no responsibility for some of the awful jokes which may or may not begin the downward spiral, which sends you on the path of losing all faith in humanity and therefore, technically, turning you into a zombie.

Games Covered This Show:

Far Cry 3, Walking Dead, ZombieU, Halo 4, Fifa 2013, XCOM Enemy Unknown, Nintendoland, Super Mario Brothers.

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