If You Don’t See Artwork Like This And Say ”Awww’ Then You Have No Soul Sir!

Sententia is the second game to come from the third Indie Games Uprising and it is the third game from Michael Hicks. You may have heard of Michael’s other Indie masterpiece: Honour In Vengeance 2, which was received very well critically and was an outstanding Indie title. We reviewed the game a while ago here.

Sententia has a colourful, hand-drawn style that seems to give the game it’s own charm like quality. There is no room for your murky browns and greys here! The whole game seems to have a fairytale-esque quality about it from the previews and information we have gathered surrounding the game story and gameplay thus far. You begin your quest talking to your Grandpa and then venturing on your journey through the forest where you will face a number of enemies. The trailer showcases some of the puzzles you will have to solve along the way, the enemies you must evade and pass and there even seems to be the extra sweetener thrown in – The platforming!

Jump Around! Jump Up! Jump Up and Get Down!

It is fair to say Sententia has a lot going for it and it has now been released on Xbox Live Indie Games through the Uprising event. Check out the trailer below and go and play the game on your Xbox! Support the Indie developers and to put it quite simply… Have fun! The game is looking really good! Download the trial or the full game here.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed to be able to give you a full review soon because this is definitely one to watch!