I have been playing Counterstrike Source for more years than I care to remember and the second Counterstrike Global Offensive launched I had it loaded up and I was ready to kit up, go out there and kick some serious ass once again. This is a guide with some tips and tricks that I will regularly update and even though these tips can be used to give you the upper hand they will not make you an amazing player so please no comments if you’ve tried them and still finished a round with 0 kills and 20 deaths! This guide will show you NO glitches or bug exploits because I don’t believe anyone should ever use them, the game is more than fun enough to play without having to cheat, you naughty cheaters!

Defuse Kit At The Ready!

This may seem like an obvious tip but you would be surprised at the amount of bombs that go off while someone is attempting to defuse it when they didn’t even spend the measly $400 to buy a defuse kit at the start of the round. The defuse kit cuts the time it takes to defuse the bomb in half! Instead of the bomb taking 10 seconds to defuse it only takes 5 seconds and this can make all the difference because when you get to the ticking bomb while playing as the Counter Terrorist, you can guarantee there will be Terrorists waiting somewhere there for you. Kill any remaining Terrorists in the immediate area of the bomb and then your all set to take 5 seconds to defuse that hot potato! Good job buddy!

Don’t Break Your Bank Before You Make Your Bank!

Everybody wants to begin each round with the best weapons possible. Get the AWP sniper rifle and you can put a hole straight through the head of your opponent or maybe the shotgun is your choice of chaos maker? Well hold off on buying the very best weapons early on or you could find yourself putting yourself at a huge disadvantage later in the game when you can only afford a basic pistol whilst your fighting against others whom have been frugal with their money and they see your crappy pistol and raise you an AWP bullet to the face.

Hey Apple! Apple! Hey Apple!

Don’t Blow All Of Your Money On Apples!

The grenades look like apples in Counterstrike GO. These ‘highly explosive‘ apples are not actually that highly explosive. The  grenades in Counterstrike GO are better at taking a small portion of damage away from your enemy as opposed to outright killing them. Buying an ‘apple’ every round will eat up your valuable money quickly and give you little back in the way of a return. Flashbangs are a better choice than the highly explosive grenades because they completely blind your opponent for a long enough amount of time to allow you to fire a few rounds at them. Flashbangs should be treated with care because it is very easy to blind yourself or your team-mates with a misplaced flashbang and this almost always ends with a period of panic from yourself as you desperately attempt to move somewhere, anywhere into cover and hope to hell you don’t get killed as a result of your own failed throw. Those that can use flashbangs well know to throw it along corridors and through doorways before entering said corridor or doorway.

Listen Carefully And Tread Lightly!

A good pair of headphones is vital to any Counterstrike player that wants to be in with a chance of head-shotting their way to the top of the scoreboards. A £40 pair of Turtle Beaches are my proffered choice of headset as they are comfortable and have adjustable bass, game and chat levels. (They are also great for podcasting with too!)
Listen carefully when you are walking around the maps, listen out for the footsteps of enemies that could be moving around behind a door or just around the corner. You can clearly hear their footsteps if and this allows you to either set up an ambush for when they reach you or it allows you to run in all guns blazing and take them by surprise. This may sound like an obvious tip but it is one that many gamers forget while playing Counterstrike. You should go to the ‘Assign Buttons’ option in the game’s settings and ensure that you assign a control button to the ‘Walk’ option. (I chose RB on the Xbox 360 Control). When you are approaching a building/room/hallway and you think that the enemy is possibly nearby, you should walk as it allows you to move quicker than crouching and it still makes no noise for your enemies to listen out for.

Tag Your It! Oh…Wait…

A Strong Swipe Beats A Quick One!

The knife in this game is a vital tool and you should attempt to master it’s affects as soon as possible. Swiping with the quicker primary attack button does little damage and has little effect when facing enemies head on. Using the knives secondary function provides a slower, single swipe but it has much more of an effect and does a lot more damage than the primary fast swipe. A well placed single stroke of the knife with the secondary strong swipe is usually enough to kill an enemy outright. When you are behind an enemy you should attempt to get behind them with the knife and with your knife drawn you will notice your are holding the knife slightly raised, this should give you a definite one stab kill.

This list will be updated regularly, so for more Counterstrike tips and tricks follow @theplayvault on Twitter and we will direct you back here once the list has been updated. Happy Head-shotting!