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In 2010 Robot Unicorn Attack orbited the planet filling the atmosphere with its lunatic radiance like a camp satellite made of double-rainbows, glitter and Elton John’s sunglasses. It had everything. It had sparkles. It had pink squeaky dolphins. It had a razor edge line between life and death at hundreds of miles per hour. It had two buttons. It is unquestionably the greatest game to have ever featured a robotic unicorn. After a few simple re-skins (Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal and Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas), Adult Swim Games have given Robot Unicorn Attack a well-deserved sequel.

Given its Lady Gaga-esque concept, it is surprising that Robot Unicorn Attack is a clone of the bleak CanabaltPanda Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution Squeaky Dolphin Star Adult Swim Games Free Browser Games Facebook Gameswhere the player must frantically run through a doomed greyscale cityscape with ever-growing momentum. Except that’s not entirely true. Where titles such as Bimmin and I Must Run! are straight clones of Canabalt, Robot Unicorn Attack is such a gleefully insane variation on the ideas of Canabalt that the two games bookended a space wide enough for a whole new genre – that of the ‘Twitch Em’ Up’.

Robot Unicorn Attack‘s gameplay was relatively simple; you are a rainbow-trailing robot unicorn galloping from left to right in an infinitely scrolling world. If you hit anything, you exploded and your weeping decapitated unicorn head was sent flying. This was the game’s main departure from the likes of Canabalt, where colliding with objects to lose momentum was crucial to success.

This was an improvement – like every speeding driver knows, losing momentum is at best fatal, at worst tedious. Thus your noble steed accelerates to velocities that would shame even Shergar, his every leap and dash becoming more frantic as you navigate the twisted landscape of stars, dolphins and pixies before your speed leads to your inevitable demise.

Unicorn Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution Squeaky Dolphin Star Adult Swim Games Free Browser Games Facebook GamesThis drama unfolded to an uplifting soundtrack of 80s chart-missing band Erasure – their song ‘Always‘, like the purple hills you run through, loops endlessly. Singing along quickly becomes one of the game’s most frequent death-causing distractions.

The original Robot Unicorn Attack was much like dropping acid, its psychedelic visuals and fast-paced one-more-go action swiftly reduced players into twitchy addicts. But there was always a feeling that the game was a one trick pony, the action never evolving beyond the simple jumping and dashing.

Well this ain’t your grandpappy’s Robot Unicorn Attack. This is Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution, though the original is still available to play. Now every time you build a combo-chain of four stars you evolve into a new robot unicorn animal. First you become a panda, then wolf, then gorilla and I am alerted by less inept gamers – namely my girlfriend, oh the shame – that success there allows you to further evolve into a sabretooth tiger and a dragon.

Changing between these characters doesn’t really effect on gameplay itself,  but they give the game a clearer sense of progress and you feel a rush every time you evolve into one of the higher animals. There are also level-up rosettes for each character – part of Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution‘s large achievement, leveling and unlocking system.

Unlocks include danger warnings, longer jumps, an explosive horn that shields you from a single crash. Some of these do feel slightly overpowered, but mostly they’re well-balanced and cost ‘fairy dust’ to be used. Also Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution has used them to monetise the game, giving you the option to pay for early unlocks or purchaseWolf Unicorn Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution Squeaky Dolphin Star Adult Swim Games Free Browser Games Facebook Games Fairy Dust.

Though daily challenges like playing upside down or with an invisible unicorn help, it’s still something of a one trick pony and it feels like switching characters could have been given greater gameplay significance. However in the field of ‘Twitch Em Ups’ it is still leading the race. If given a choice between Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution or any of the other Canabalt imitators, then every time you will find me galloping across purple fields, propelled by a rainbow to my death while Andy Bell forever sings about living in harmony.

Play it on Facebook now and, as with its predecessor, expect it to make the jump to mobile platforms soon.