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The developers of Backworlds have just released an intriguing demo of their painterly game. Backworlds is unfinished, this demo is an exercise in crowd-mooching on Indiegogo, but I recommend you give it a go for three reasons. Firstly, it is ever so pretty. Secondly, if you do decide to donate enough money to the cause, one of the developers has promised to knit you a hat. But the most compelling reason to give Backworlds a chance is how smoothly it riffs on its central mechanic – at times Backworlds‘ dimension-shiftery is reminiscent of Braid or Last Breath, but it feels far more intuitive, natural and seamless.

In Backworlds, instead of painting with colour, you paint with worlds. There are two parallel worlds and each swipe of the brush across - what I am going to call – the frontworld reveals the backworld behind it, the backworld can in turn be brushed away to repaint the frontworld again. Thus you can pass obstacles in one world by painting to another where they don’t exist. Alternatively your brushstrokes can reveal hidden paths, platforms and switches that act on either world.

Much of the game’s potential can be seen in ‘Backworld‘ which the team made for the Assemblee competition, with several interesting ways to exploit the world-painting mechanic for gameplay. The demo shows gravity being inverted in the backworld, but the developers have been toying with other effects like time-flow manipulaton. The current plan is for the finished game to feature six different variations on the backworld;

These will be split into different worlds where you get to explore each in different ways along with a plethora of interactive objects and creatures.

It’s an interesting take on the puzzle platformer genre that lives up to its slick watercolour-esque graphics. With planned features like interactive portable objects, collectibles and a level editor on the horizon and it’s looking like one of the more interesting indie releases in the works.