Tom Clancy is one of those people that (just like Chuck Norris) has a reputation that says they could kick the shit out of anybody and everybody and they are the toughest person alive. Ubisoft have made it their life goal with labelling every single game that has a gun in it with the Tom Clancy name. Once Assassins Creed picked up that gun in the second game, the developers probably had to slap one of their bosses across the face just to stop them labelling their title with his semi-iconic name. I have no problem with the man; he seems like a nice guy. What I do have a problem with is the way Ubisoft label his name onto everything they make nowadays.

On a completely unrelated subject, a brand new game called Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Patriots has been announced and like many before, it is directly chasing down the title of the COD killer. Creative director David Sears has already put claims out there saying that the Rainbow Six team want the shooter crown back. Although in the real world it probably (never say never) won’t achieve this, it does seem to be quite an interesting game. After the success of the previous Rainbow Six entries and the fact that they were utterly brilliant, there is now a lot of hype behind this game and from what I’ve personally seen so far, you definitely have reason enough to start getting excited.

Running on the same engine to Tom Clancy’s Assassins Cr… Oh wait, I mean Assassins Creed, the game will hopefully be able to deliver some stunning scenery for us to be able to shoot up and if all goes well we might get some nice environments in the distance too. RS:P is set in the good ol’ United States of America and a domestic terrorist group formed of the disgruntled members of Americas own population and  they are simply known as the True Patriots. Apart from that, there is relatively little information story wise to go off. More interestingly, perhaps, is how the game will actually play out. As the terrorists aren’t clearly identifiable, at times you will be trying to spot who in a crowd is suspicious and make snap decisions as to who is carrying a weapon or, worse, a bomb.

Another aspect which is focused on is the questioning your morals. At many points in the game you will be asked to make snap decisions where by choosing one path you see one possible outcome whereas if you choose the other you will see a completely different one. These will not completely change the course of the game so much so that you can’t actually win if you were to choose one moral route earlier on, but they will have influence in one way or another. This theme of humanising videogames continues to be the the big push the developers have on giving your team an identity. Unlike previous games where your comrades are seemingly brain-washed gunslingers, this time around, your team are people each with their own background story, problems and motives. The ultimate goal for the developers is that in 5 years’ time, people will be able to say the names of the actual characters in the game when asked. It’s this focus on bringing the character to the forefront that is really separating Rainbow Six: Patriots from the rest of the shooter crowd and also the previous entries.

An example of the moral decisions to be made in the game can be found early on in the game. You are tipped off that the terrorists are planning an imminent attack on the Brooklyn Bridge potentially putting the lives of thousands in the balance. They have strapped explosives onto a civilian which they have released onto the bridge and he is wired up to blow in a matter of seconds. You have a choice. Do you try to disarm the bomb which would save the life of the civilian but provide an unnecessary amount of risk for the countless others on the bridge? Or do you put a round in his head and throw him off the bridge letting him detonate underwater? Neither option is the right decision. The best outcome has to be that lives are saved and much like this scenario, it will usually be a case of how can I get the most people possible to safety.

So put aside Call of Duty for a second and maybe come down a bit off that adrenaline high. Rainbow Six: Patriots may not only be a brilliant game, but one that engages your brain and morality instead of shooting stuff repeatedly until it no longer moves in all situations a la COD.