I’m sure many people out there are somewhat frightened by the prospect of Minecraft, a game which doesn’t just step backwards in the graphics race but practically get on a motorbike and rides off into the sunset in the direction we had just came. Some people (and I am not trying to offend here) can’t recognize the simplistic and creative beauty of Minecraft and therefore have shied away from the game. However, fear not. A new mod that you can implement into your game has risen from the mod community called the GLSL shaders mod which attempts to fix just that.

The shaders mod in essence is a complete overhaul of current Minecraft graphic system and makes the world look not only less retro, but so good that in some respects it is almost as good as some games today in terms of what it’s trying to do. The blocky nature of Minecraft, thankfully, remains (although it’s unlikely anyone would want to get rid of that) and instead, Minecraft now has fully fledged lighting effects thrown into the mix. What this means is that objects placed in the world will react naturally to light that emits from the sun, moon and indeed any light source. This means that cast across your world is realistic shadows and stunning lighting effects that are a huge step up from standard Minecraft graphics.

Most of the features are shown off in this video. It does look completely different to the standard Minecraft imagery. (click picture to start)

The only problems that you will face running this mod are that it firstly isn’t bug free. The circle that appears when mining is just one of those bugs. Secondly, it is incredibly resource intensive. As a general rule of thumb, it will at least half your frame rate and may force you into lower setting in order to run it. On the other hand, with some stunning scenery to boot, that frame rate issue just means you can enjoy it all for a bit longer.

Edit: The mod does work with Texture packs as you can see in this video (click the picture to begin).