Minecraft Lego

Minecraft and LEGO were meant to be together; Minecraft allows you to build almost anything you have the ambition to with Minecraft’s  simple virtual blocks, and LEGO has been doing the same with its physical bricks since 1949. Minecraft is populated by ghasts, zombies, creepers and pigmen and anyone who has stepped on a LEGO brick barefoot knows that they too have their dangers. They foster the same lively spirit of invention, experimentation, creation and destruction – it would seem that a joint venture was inevitable.

The idea of creating Minecraft LEGO came via CUUSOO, LEGO’s system for allowing users to submit product ideas. Any idea that accumulates 10000 votes from the general public will be reviewed by the brick makers to see if it would be a feasible addition to the LEGO world. The strength of support for Mojang’s proposals left those running CUUSOO apparently a little shocked;

Okay, we get it. You have a passionate community who wants to see Minecraft themed LEGO sets. It just took three server outages to prove it to us, but yeah, we’re listening. ;-) We never expected a project to meet the threshold this quickly while still in beta. It took our first launch, the Shinkai 6500, 420 days to reach 1,000 votes in Japan. Hayabusa took 57 days to 1,000. With the start of Mojang’s Minecraft CUUSOO project it took just 48 hours to get 10,000 worldwide. We admire your passion as a community first and foremost of Minecraft fans, and second as LEGO fans.

We’re also pleased with how Mojang and the builders behind the original fan-created Minecraft project, “koalaexpert” and “suparMacho,” worked together in a collaborative and giving spirit. It’s a great story, and our hats are off to you for that.

LEGO has the final say on the product’s design and it has already been a subject of much discussion among Minecraft’s extensive fan community. As with all previously approved CUUSOO projects, a small percentage of LEGO’s sales go to the project founder’s pocket and Mojang has already said they will donate that percentage to charity.