The Modern Warfare series is a prime example of how the first game is always the best one. Modern Warfare was superior to Modern Warfare 2 and it out shines Modern Warfare 3 by a long way and leaves it sat in a puddle of it’s own urine. Now if you love MW3 more than oxygen I would suggest you stop reading this about  now. This isn’t aimed at the perfectly fine Spec Ops mode or the Multiplayer (Although there’s little difference between MW2 and MW3 in that respect.) No this is aimed at the travesty that is the single player, this is aimed at the massive plot holes and things that make no logical sense or it is aimed at the overall bad creative decisions.


1.) Where Do You Get Off Exactly Makarov?

Here is my main problem with game: It’s main antagonist makes no sense with either his plans or why no one notices that he is clearly the bad guy. It is mentioned that he is the leader of an Ultranationlist movement and has some involvement with the government. This meaning he would crop up in country wide Russian news quite a lot. So how in the hell did no one notice him in the CCTV footage of the airport massacre?

This aside as my major problem is with him as person because every good villain should believe they are in the right and given the right circumstances you should be able to empathise with them. Makarov is the classic poorly written villain he is evil for the sake of it. His plans to conquer Europe with nuclear war are not only unrealistic but down right ridiculous. What does he hope to achieve by leveling Europe? A Nuclear winter that would engulf the world and possibly kill all life apart from the cockroaches? Those are some ridiculous aims in life if you ask me.

2.) Yuri’s BFF

This shouldn’t need much explanation, but do you not think Yuri would have mentioned he used to be Makarov’s go to guy? It would have been pretty useful information to have, because if he didn’t lay out his cards right away, the discovery of this fact might lead to Price reacting as he did. If my best friend was now trying to lay waste to most of the western world I might point this out to my new friends who are trying to kill him.

If I was Price I would have shot Yuri purely cause the guy’s clearly an idiot. God Dammit Yuri you tool!

3.) How The Hell Did Makarov’s Men Get On The Plane?

When playing as Andrei Harkov you have to defend the Russian president when Makarov’s men try to hijack the plane. Given how planes usually fly at around 20,000ft to 40,000ft it’s impossible unless Makarov invented the worlds first pressurising jet-pack I want to know how his men got on that plane unless they were already there waiting for him like a bad episode of Jonathan Creek.

There’s no way they could be on that plane already unless the luggage attendants were doing an annual bring a terrorist to work day. I also find it implausible that they all snuck on as Russian security as how would around 20 men get pass the thorough security checks it requires to be in farting distance of a national leader? It makes no sense!

4.) Russia Invades Europe…..All Of It…..Simultaneously

Right I can accept an invasion of Europe as a plot line as much as the next Cold War enthusiast. However given how Russia has just had it’s perfectly formed derrière handed to it by the U.S and been kicked out of America via New York at the start of the game. How on God’s green and pleasant earth do they suddenly reform and invade every capital city in europe at the same time?

I’ve never invaded Europe nor have I ever devised such a plan, but I imagine it would take a large amount of planning to do. I especially would not try and do it after my army had just had a massive retreat across that small thing….what’s it called….oh yes the Atlantic Ocean! I would  do it in stages and advance securing some sort of supply line not just throw an army across Europe taking strategically unimportant cities.

5.) Where The Fudge Is Frost?

You know that guy you’re playing as in the American Delta Force codenamed “Frost”. You know the guy who saves Sandman after he takes a breaching charge to the chest, who brings down the jamming device in New York and helps capture Makarov’s bomb maker Maxim Khristenko? Well where the hell was he on the last level? Last we see of him (control of him) he is perfectly fine having just tried to rescue the president’s daughter. Did he sit and have a conversation with the other squad members of Metal Team and say “I think I might sit this one out this time lads.”

According to a wiki I found it states “It is unknown why he (Frost) was not with Sandman and his other teammates in Down the Rabbit Hole; Frost presumably stayed in Germany due to his injury caused by a rigged door in the level Scorched Earth“. Which would make sense but for two things, he gets up and has no complaints afterwards and he didn’t even take the brunt the blast Sandman did. So where was he? I want to see a sick note from a registered GP!

Did you know the voices of Metal Team are William Fichtner (Entourage, Prison Break), Idris Elba (The Wire, Luther) and Timothy Olyphant (Deadwood, Justified.) Me neither until I looked it up, what a waste of talent!

6.) The Davis Family

Did you know that World War 3 is kicking off? Well no one told the Davis family as they decided to take a family vacation to London. Never mind the fact that as Americans their country is currently repelling an invasion from a major super power. After all it makes complete sense to take a holiday, if I look back to my family history none of my family members took part in the world wars do you know what the Jones’ were doing? We were sunning ourselves in Southern Italy wondering just who was that Hitler fella anyway?

No the Davis family are there to make you cry (Or laugh immensely like me) you know exactly what’s about to happen to them as soon as the truck pulls up behind little Sarah Davis. It wasn’t emotionally fuelled for me and bore no impact as the Nuclear bomb moment in MW or the airport massacre in MW2. Why not next time have a mixed race Russian Arab set fire to an orphan panda whilst punching a swan and spitting on a picture of  our mothers, which you got off our facebook profiles via an app………..your move Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer Games (and by Infinity Ward I mean all the people Activision put in, to replace those who jumped ship.)

7.) This game’s not racist because the Russians aren’t evil they were tricked into war by the villainous Makarov!

Oh yeah then why the hell do the Russians run around gunning down un-armed civilians with as much gusto and enthusiasm as the Nazi’s did for every other European country?

Why on earth do they then decide to attack europe with a massive chemical attack after their President is abducted while going to a Peace Summit? To my mind the death of millions of civilians would be difficult to explain at the Peace Summit and it’s hard to pin that on Makarov as he doesn’t do it. At least Battlefield 3 pins it all on one terrorist and the Russians are displayed as trying to resolve their own mess.

I’m not sure which is worse the fact that the Russians are displayed as Ethnic cleansers or that they are so incompetent they can’t identify a realand obvious terrorist.

8.) The Mass Death Of Characters

So as much as I can pan the writing in the game I will say the deaths of the characters is good because this is war we’re dealing with here. No game handles death well and most games portray it as something that can be avoided or even reversed. This isn’t the case, regardless of your religious beliefs, dead people stay dead.

However against this you have the other characters in the game such as Andrei Harkov might as well be wearing red shirts from Star Trek. They’re obviously not going to last very long and as such you develop no emotional attachment to them. The only surprise death was Soap and even then because so many characters have been killed I didn’t even get mildly upset.

I know it seems like I’m praising it one second and slating it the next but frankly there needed to be some balance. This is a story they’re trying to tell, believe it or not, and as such I need to be given reasons to like these mute portable windows with guns. The first MW did it with Sgt. Jackson taking out the picture before he died, the little touch did it well.

Don’t worry everyone everything is Bon!

9.) The Russian Security Seriously Suck IE: Alena Vorshevsky

You know how the Russian security services get Alena off the plane when it’s attacked by Makarov’s men. Where do they take her? To a safe house in Berlin, I’m willing to except they didn’t know invasion of Europe was about to happen. Although that in itself if totally implausible.

However the worst thing is when a dirty bomb goes off and the Russian army descends upon on them. They not only 1.) Makethemself known to National troops who could escort them out but 2.) also make no attempt to escort their VIP out of a warzone. This is far too many mistakes for them to be coincidentally making.

10.) Kamarov And The Foiled Ambush

I’m interested and I’m not saying it couldn’t have happened however there is no explanation as to how Makarov knew about the ambush awaiting him Prague. There are too many things that don’t add up. The first being how did Makarov know about the ambush in the first place? Secondly why did the others continue with the mission when Kamarov doesn’t respond to the others radio messages?

When Price discovers Kamarov strapped to chair with loads of C-4 it explodes as does the vantage point where Yuri and Soap await. How did Yuri and Soap not notice the explosives around required to level the church tower? I’m not saying it would be obviously placed but surely two highly trained ex-special forces soldiers would notice some C-4 whilst securing the area?

Now all these facts might mean nothing to you. You may have throughly enjoyed playing the game and story isn’t a priority for you. However a story is what makes or breaks a game in my eyes and by that token MW3’s single player is one of those game I hope never to play again. Modern Warfare should have ended after the first with the ambiguous but uplifting ending. The multiplayer simply could have been updated with DLC and the world would have been better off for it.