Not the phrase that Street Fighter characters shout while firing fire from the palms of their hands but it is in fact the new way that all the cool kids enter their cars. Sprint towards you car and dive straight through the window screen or the side window and drive away. It looks cool, it feels awesome and you know when you do it your a total badass. (Thanks, Saints Row 3 For Pimping My Game!)

STOP! It’s Hover Bike Time

Grab your hover bike, switch between hover and flight mode and then use that machine gun attached to the front of the hover bike to blast away enemies from the comfort of your hovering Robocop styled bike. You can miss getting the bike if you choose a different option at a certain point of the game so be careful not to miss this beauty.

Can You Smell? What I Am Cooking?

The one wrestling mission in Saints Row is more fun and action packed than an entire WWE game! Brutal DDT’s and face-shattering punches but with the Saints Row crazy factor, blow up dolls, giant shark toys and riding your enemies shoulders while you punch him in the head. Did I mention that when the going get’s tough you crack out a chainsaw? You can rip all of those fools in two Scarface style!

Dildo Bat To The Face!

A baseball bat is not just enough for beating away wannabe gangsters and cops. You need a pink dildo bat to humiliate your enemies with a novelty baseball bat that is a giant dildo. A whole new meaning to destroying someone with a dildo… (Ewwww!)

Zombie Nation

Zombies are cool and everything from Left For Dead and Dead Rising right through to Train Simulator 2012 (Trains VS Zombies) have zombies in them now. Saints Row has everything else so zombies was one more inclusion they threw in. The zombie outbreak sees an entire section of the city occupied by the walking dead who exist to eat your face. Bat them away or pop those fools with one hit kills and watch in glee as they explode. This game really does have everything. I feel as though the developers sat around a table thinking… “The player has to drive from Point A to point B, So what is the craziest, most insane, bat shit crazy things that could happen to them along the way?”

Tron Level

Tron is a cult classic of a movie if you wipe your memory of the recent sub-par remake. Moving through the digital universe filled with firewalls that are actual walls, cool neon lights and motorbikes that you can drive around at the speed of light. You play as an avatar and that avatar is… A toilet. Waddling around as a toilet for the first time is both shocking and quite hilarious. A toilet with a laser gun is even funnier as you blast enemies, owned by a toilet? N00BS!

You change from a toilet only to become… wait for it…drum roll please….A BLOW UP DOLL! Saints Row is so crazy and insane that just when you think it has reached it’s limit of crazy humour, it shows you something else to surpass it. Then playing an old school game of tanks and battling a boss that can simulate lag, sending you lagging backwards through doorways is a really nice touch. Then finishing off the scene fighting a huge demon boss with a sword in tow. What do you do to take out this boss? You become a huge demon with a sword too of course!

Mars Attacks!

I have yet to play this section so it may bit a cheeky to place this one in here. (I’m sorry for being so naughty! Please forgive me!) I have watched this section of the game but have yet to have the pleasure of playing it. A gangster on Mars taking out enemies from another planet? This is about as insane as any game can get. I await this section of the game eagerly and will report on my space age findings when I reach this point.

I Have Fallen For You.

The aeroplane you were riding has been blown to pieces and as the cargo and wreckage come hurtling towards the earth you are thrown into the middle of it and must dodge wreckage, shoot the bad guys behind and around you and save your buddies, all happening mid air. This one of the best introductions and opening missions I have ever played in a game. This is one of the first five missions and really sets the scene for the rest of the game. Saints Row does not reuse set pieces so when you are caught falling from another aeroplane later on it does not become more of the same. Your falling from the air again but this time… in a tank. Take down the incoming jets, destroy other falling tanks and enemies and be blown away by the sheer imagination of the Volition developers.