The Indie Games Marketplace is a great place for talented developers to showcase their skills and let their idea and creation come to life. Michael Hicks did exactly that with Honour In Vengeance 2.

A sky opera in the stars, Honour In Vengeance 2 has a Rogue Squadron vibe to it. You choose one of three available spacecraft; The small, (less life but quicker speed) the regular (balanced) or the heavy (lots of life but slower) craft. You then complete your objectives and earn bonus’ through destroying as many enemy aircraft as possible. There are so many aircraft on screen at once for an indie Game that when you first see it in action, you will question whether this is even in an Indie Game or if by mistake you have stumbled upon an Arcade Release title instead! Gunning down one aircraft after another becomes addictive and as you fly through enemies, blowing them out of the sky with precision, accuracy and clever flying, you begin to feel like an actual space fighter pilot.

The most astonishing thing about HIV2 is the fact this has been mainly developed by one guy. The voice acting, graphics and art style all come together with perfection and this is easily one of the best Indie Games I have had the pleasure of playing. I have not played Honour In Vengeance 1 but I will ensure to go back and do so because HIV2 has been put together with love, care and attention. While listening to the detailed backstory surrounding the characters and the universe I was getting Mass Effect and Star Wars vibes from the game.

The voice acting is superb and sets the space war styled atmosphere right from the outset of the game. After a quick stylized cut scene the action begins and your ready to go out there, shoot the hell out of everything in your path and destroy waves and waves of that enemy space craft. One of the most immediately noticeable aspects of this game is that for an indie game, there is a lot of things happening on screen at once.

Your the good guys and it is your job to join the uprising and punish the enemy elite for their crimes. Your on screen radar works well to alert you to exactly where those pesky enemies are and it’s a joy to fly and navigate around the playable areas. Buildings and structures are beautifully crafted for an indie game especially when there is an MB limit placed on indie games.

Through playing this game it is clear that it has been made with a lot of love and care. The music, dialogue, story, artwork and game mechanics all blend together with sheer perfection and it is mind blowing that all of this has been achieved by one guy!

There are very few indie games on the marketplace that are as polished or have as much love, time and effort put into them as Mr Hicks has devoted into this game. I lok forward to the possible future arrival of Honour In Vengeance 3.

Check out this talented developers website because this guy is defintley one to watch in the world of gaming: or check out & buy HIV2 here:

Score: 9.5/10