From the creators of the famed XBLA game Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater is a game I know that I will be waiting excitedly for! BattleBlock Theater is being created by The Behemoth. Yes this is the same team that provided games such as Castle Crashers and also Alien Hominid. Both of these games were huge success stories to me, and I loved every minute of each of them. Now The Behemoth is throwing this title at our faces, and let’s just say that they have reason enough to be proud.

The show must go on and dying is no excuse in BattleBlock Theater. Ever been trapped in a theater run by insane and surprisingly technological cats? It’s the performance of a lifetime as you are forced into deadly plays for the amusement of your kitty captors. Overcome betrayal, enslavement, and tough crowds to upstage your friends and bring the house down in this chaotic new adventure from The Behemoth.

BattleBlock Theater shines with the beautiful hi-res hand-drawn art style and twisted humor you’ve grown to expect from us. Master 100s of levels in various frantic game modes including an extensive 1 – 4 player campaign. Take the battle online in an array of multiplayer game mode mayhem. Customize your performers’ head shape, face and weapon of choice!

I read this on the development team’s blog site, and it got me quite a bit excited. It is currently in development and on march 11 it definitely was shown off at PAX East. They went and showcased their side-scrolling action game and it got a ton of great feedback! Honestly it looks very similar to the style that was Castle Crashers, and if it is anything similar to that then they will have a hit.

The game revolves around this story : You wind up shipwrecked on a mysterious island where you have been apparently betrayed by your supposed “best friend” Hatty and then captured and locked up by the locals. All of this is happening while the character is forced into these “deadly performances” and thus the adventure begins. Sounds enticing huh?