If Pacman had affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in dark rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.

Video games are now at a stage where they are becoming increasingly more acceptable in modern so

ciety and if not more acceptable then definitely more common. Gaming has played catch up for a long time but is now as popular as TV and Film. The Video Game BAFTA awards are soon! (yes we even get awards now!) Events like PAX and Eurogamer sell out to thousands of eager gamers itching to spend more time doing what they love best. There are video game books, films, websites and even jokes. I will be covering a few that made me chuckle or for you Internet l33t grammar lov3rs: LOL, LMFAO and PMSL!

Even as an avid Aston Villa fan, I found this one liner funny:

1.) FIFA 2011: A place, where even Heskey can score.

In light of all the recent hacked attempts with the PS3 sending Call of Duty games haywire I thought this one was simply apt:

2.) What’s the difference between Call of Duty: Black Ops and a restaurant?

A restaurant usually has a good host and servers that work.

A joke that combines Facebook with gaming? That is what you want to hear? Alright-y then:

3.) ‘Angry Birds coming to Facebook’

As long as they post pictures of themselves naked I couldn’t give shit how angry they are.

The Call of Duty and Battlefield players took things a bit too far:

4.) Apparently it’s frowned upon to bring “personal equipment” to Laser Quest.

I just thought an assault rifle and a few live rounds would’ve livened things up a bit, that’s all.

The next Monopoly game to come out on Xbox and PS3 sounds rather realistic and quite familiar…

5.) Monopoly 2010 UK edition:

- the jail has no spaces left

- there’s no free parking

- no-one can buy any houses because they can’t get a mortgage

- win or lose, you still have to bail out the banker

Halo is crossing over into reality! The lines are blurring people! We have had years of training and experience since Combat Evolved! Don your green suits, grab your sniper rifles and lets go!

6.) You know you’ve been playing Halo too much, when the weatherman announces flood risks and you get out a shotgun.

Who says Xbox and parties don’t go together? Don’t bother paying an extorionate fee to get into a club that will smell a little funky, serve overpriced drinks and have fat drunken toothless men AND women wobbling around… Just join this party instead:

7.) I was up late last night partying until 6 in the morning, naked and with complete strangers.

That was one hell of an Xbox live party.

Need a girlfriend? Can’t find one in the game of Life? Then Runescape can help you! In failing this checkout Gamecrush.com, all you need is some money, low self esteem and to be easily parted with said money and parted even easier with your brain cells. If Gamecrush is not for you back to Runescape it is:

8.) My mate told me today; “You’ll never get a girl if you stay on that computer all the time.”

Tell that to my Runescape girlfriend.

I never did trust those UPS delivery guys, especially when you live in a place called Nuketown. You need to be double careful!

9.) You know you’ve played to much Call Of Duty when you think the UPS guy is trying to plant a C4 on your doorstep

Last but by no means least… For all you plumbers, Mario lovers or italian stallions… Check this:

10.) I’m convinced Mario is a hobo.
He wakes up everyday in the same clothes, runs around in sewers, and collects coins for a living.
At the end of the day, he uses the coins to buy mushrooms.

Jonmau5 signing off to go change my pants and find where the hell the coptr went after it flew off the rofl…